> so i heard people were leaving the fandom

This won’t be a post about the drama or the dumb shit going on because honest to god, I couldn’t care less- and there are enough posts addressing that already.

As most of you probably noticed (I assume you’re following me if you read this), my blog has been dead for quite a while- and now seems an appropriate time to close it.

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My post isn’t gong to be littered with gifs or pictures, so it’s unlikely to be as entertaining as the past two. But there are some points that need to be made.

1. All information received was given first-hand. Like it or not, Cyn is spitting the truth. The reasons four people jumped ship isn’t due to your favorite person to villianize, but due to quite the opposite — the one the lot of you kids place on a pedestal. Irony tastes delicious.

2. No one is saying you can’t be Kayla’s friend. No one is even saying that she deserves to be villianized like she’s done to Cat in the past — the real point is that the lot of you should start considering the true source of the problems around here. 

3. There is a lot of hypocrisy going around and it’s half the gd problem. If you’re pulling the “neutral” card but lined up to spit out an opinion regarding Cyn or Cat, you’re in that group of hypocrites. Stop being sheep ffs.

4. I like how I often get likes and even praise, Cyn gets a “free pass” of sorts, and Cat gets shit when we all post basically the same exact content, just in our own personal tones. See point 3. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people agree with me, but it’s hilarious to see Cyn and Cat post literally the same opinion and the different responses. Explain this to me.

5. The bottom line is something I already stated: this isn’t about “drama”, this has fuck all to do with the “fandom”: it has to do with unacceptable behavior, and the hypocrisy among the lot. None of you took it from Cat, so why are you taking it from Kayla? Can one of you explain this to me? This, too, is a genuine question. 




         I usually tend to ignore all the drama I see on the fandom, but I obviously can’t ignore this . Favourite rpers and friends of mine whitebeards-flame, flames-of-d, fireinhisfists, princessnefertarivivi are leaving the fandom because they are done with it, and leaving aside the ooc canon and the long etc, it is because of how manipulative, not trustworthy and a general cunt someone is. And by someone I mean you rubberbastard.

I’ve tried to remember that you are a teenager, and that if you are being a brat it is because you are indeed a 16 years old brat , and I thought that you would eventually grow up and be mature etc, but that’s not happening and independently of the fact of how old you are what you’ve been doing is far from being okay. You’ve lied, you’ve manipulated and the worst thing is that you’ve done that to people you call your best friends.


You preach to be moral and ethical constantly, trying to avoid drama at all costs when it doesn’t fit your purposes, and especially when it’s directed to pinkdevilincognito, funny thing how she said months ago the kind of person you were and she was fucking right, now I hope your worshippers are able to see, and if they don’t I honestly pity them.

Nic, Syd, Em and Paige, they all have a right to be pissed and they all have the right to post whatever the fuck they want in their blogs, and you are nobody to try to scold them for that. Quick reminder, you are the kid here. And not only trying to scold them, but also trying to make them feel bad about it. How low is to try to manipulate someone emotionally? And you did that. Not only you did that to Em, saying how disappointed and how terrible Ash would felt when she came back, but also you tried to lecture Nic, trying to convince her to remover her post to make a sappy one about how she cared about the fandom but now this chapter of her life was over. And to make sure you’d could convince her you tried to use the ‘sisterhood’ and ‘you are really important to me’ card. That’s being manipulative, because you have not spoken to her since you made your Luffy blog. Get real kid.

You didn’t go to Syd or to Paige. Is not hard to figure out why. Nic’s post was the nicest. Were you afraid Syd or Paige would bite your head off? Well.


It’s rather funny to see you trying to act all sneaky and mature, because the 99% of the time you try to be as similar as Luffy as it’s possible. Luffy is inmature and dumb and that works in the anime, but that doesn’t work in the real life. You try to act all friendly with people, and it’s a nice façade, but it’s kinda disappointing to see how behind that Luffy façade you ignore and kick people from your life just because, you did with Bleu, you did with Lucy and those are just the two cases I know. I bet there are more.

The part that you should have copied of Luffy’s behaviour instead of the poop jokes and the general dumb attitude was how much he appreciated his friends, and so far you’ve manipulated them and you’ve shown that you are not trustworthy. You tend to call people disrespectful for making post about their opinions, but it’s much more disrespectful to lie and to try to manipulate people that has considered you a really close friend. That’s very fucking low.

Also, don’t try to come with your choristers to try to lecture me because I don’t have time for brats. Your whining and crying will be ignored. 

This is all I have to say to you.


Syd, Nic, Em and Paige. It’s understandable as fuck why you are leaving and I respect it. I am going to miss you guys. I hope you find a better fandom. I wish you all the very best. You guys deserve it.




This is a bad case of ‘I TOLD YOU SO’.

Honestly, they chose to remain friends with the co-owner of that stupid burn blog. What the fuck did they think was going to happen?

We all knew what type of person Kayla was, with blatant evidence, and I feel sorry for no one.


[ So, uh, peace out and stuff. ]



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