Penguin’s KidLaw Voyeur Party Hand Signals
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Waiting for Law’s flashback like



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LAW IN THE FANDOM. By best I mean Drtrafalgar because who else would I be talking about lol.

Their Law is unparalleled, unequalled, superlative, not too mentioned unrivalled. The finest choice in Law you can ever find. If you want to talk to the real Law, talk to…

(( Hello. As another Law blog I am honoured to even get mentioned in the same post as ~drtrafalgar~, THE Law blog.

This is a true honour, it is, and I can only agree with every word that was said in this article. I suck. We all suck. All the Laws apart from Niki’s can delete.

Invest in quality, friends, and now u know where to find it )))


You can’t call that a fish! It’s no different from a sea monster! It’s a beast!

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Just a little doodle of Monet. I wanted to try drawing her. I think I got her legs wrong… Oh well.

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